Deluge EP

by downpour.

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released January 20, 2012




downpour. Arlington, Texas

2011 - 2013

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Track Name: Hyperthermia
Trapped in a haze of synthetic passion, that’s stripping away my shreds of humanity.
A spiral to a new circle of hell.
Collapsing, every piece of myself.
What have I become?
Shackled to this disease that haunts me.
What have I become?
This rapture is the scourge that always taunts me.
What have I done?
Possessed by the entity, my head is split.
What have I done?
I ‘d kill just to have it
I’ve condemned myself to this chaos I’ve found, a damned cycle of abuse.
The bridge to reality is burning down, as I’m dangling above still choking on the noose.
Track Name: Hunger Game
Hunger Game:
We are the pure.
We are the bright.
We are so unsure.
We are so trite.
So content in our rejection,
this rebellion’s a reflection.
No heart beats without the hunger,
living to surpass the other.
We are the pure.
We are the bright.
We are so unsure.
We are so trite.
We demand this “Promised Land”,
but it will crumble by our hand.
More foolish than when we were younger,
no heart beats without the hunger.
Track Name: Temporis Fidelis
Temporis Fidelis:
Set-ups and disasters,
From hidden puppet masters.
Are speeding up this doomsday clock,
and drawing the curtain faster.
Chaos will surely ensue,
in a naive world that never knew.
Fate will never show its face.
To these deaf, blind, and dumb rats in this sick arms race.
As we enter the end,
Know that Humanity let it begin. (Fuck)
The future is never in stone,
but the finale is concrete.
So sit back and watch these ember thrones,
engulf every civic street.
Track Name: Frankensense
(No lyrics).
Track Name: Kinship
You scorn everything that you don’t approve.
And that doesn’t seem familiar to-
You are filth too.
Your opinions don’t absolve you,
beliefs should never be construed as true.
The stones that you throw will never be your own.
You’ll never step down from your golden throne.
The brothers and sisters are only ours, if they share the same wounds and scars.
You are just dirt.
You will never learn.