Split Tape w/ Thetan

by downpour.

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released March 16, 2013




downpour. Arlington, Texas

2011 - 2013

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Track Name: Coming Of Wage
One gear breaks you’re the next in place
Instilled dreams you’ll be affluent and straight-laced
How is a human supposed to rip free when their worth is measured in Currency?
A Simple life, a basic crime
Slavery perpetuates with every dime
A routine life, a Naive death
This machine will expel you like a fucking breath
Track Name: Disarm The Swarm
Avid and lawless, the boars come to maul us
Blessed and oppressed we-
Back the badge
Disarm swarm
Back the badge
Back the badge
Protect and serve, we get what they deserve
Run, hide, don’t abide
Maim, Frame, All the same
Shoot, slay, easy prey
Shock, awe, above the law
Disarm the swarm
Track Name: Severence
They facilitate the stigmas, the castes, enmity vast
Refuse to integrate, always quick to amputate
The Godly foul race of Man, fearing contrast since he began
Separation of the nation affirms liberation
It is now the hour for the averse to cower
Come to, Ignite the fire Break the chains the bastard’s sire
Kin in arms, Let us dethrone the bias that harms
The scorned and damned will amass, as we burn the bigots to (x2) ash
Track Name: The Elegy
Charles Chaplin in The Great Dictator
Track Name: Expression
Art is fucking dead and gone
When Avarice owns every song
Fuck the fame and fuck the green
Captive to a fucked up scene
All you are is who you know
Popularity undertow
It’s a cold war, Tooth and nail
Do it yourself means I’m not for sale
Fuck the high school cliché
Fuck the politics games
Fuck getting bought and sold to play
I won’t ignore it anymore
The lust I’ve always abhorred
They won’t seize my last escape
The disease will not take shape
Track Name: You're In Your Prime, Kid
Everything’s a competition, Cultured since youth
Comparison and jealousy, the human truth
There’s always another status climb, this is me in my Prime
Often I think about this desperate state
I’m just same as the imperfect filth I emulate
We crave perfection, but all we spread is rejection
Trust nothing, Life is untrue
“Things get better” Show me proof
All I know is emptiness
You’ll die alone like the rest
This is your steady decline, this is your prime
Track Name: I Want The Whole Truth
The wounds are too deep, The lies are hollow
I’m choking on fallacies, they’re too much to swallow
Everyday a new civil scare
Throw some Petty fables and they’re unaware
I need to see beyond the curtain
I want to be fucking certain
Illusions forged for the masses
Power, Wealth, the plague never passes
The Illusions proceed uncontested
The Power is ours, too weak to accept it